Pietro Giannuzzi conceived Piazza Italia as a place for lovers of Italian cuisine to get together and talk (politely, between mouthfuls) about the wondrous diversity that Italian cuisine represents. A home away from home for Italians in Cape Town, and a perfect place for those that wish they grew up eating fresh Mediterranean food every day, this Gardens Italian restaurant in the MLT House down Park Road is a regular destination when they want some down-home Italian food with a glass of fine old world wine.

Anyone with even the smallest inkling of what Italian cuisine is all about will see from Piazza Italia’s menu that this Cape Town restaurant is the real deal. The offering makes no bones about its heritage, proud to present a selection of regional Italian dishes split into the classic categories: antipasti, primi and secondi piatti, rounded off with dolci. That’s starters, pasta and risotto, meat, fish, and vegetarian mains, plus dessert, for the uninitiated. But it’s novices that proprietor Pietro Giannuzzi particularly looks forward to welcoming to this little slice of Italian paradise down Park Road in the Gardens district. Being a place where connoisseurs and greenhorn gourmets alike can get together to eat and shoot the breeze about Italian food and drink, Piazza Italia offers a meeting of minds – a very moreish meeting place indeed.


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